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G & K is a Local Residential Roofing and Siding Contractor.

We are a metal roofing contractor as well as an asphalt shingle contractor. Our roofing company installs tile roofs of all kinds – asphalt shingles, Metal roofs, Metal shingles, flat roofs, TPO roofs, EDPM roofs and all roofing materials.

Our siding company installs vinyl siding, LP Smart siding, metal soffit and fascia. G & K’s new siding installation comes with the strongest warranties on the market.

Who is G & K Roofing and Remodeling, LLC.?

G & K is a family-owned business providing service throughout Wisconsin. Glenn and Karen started G & K approximately 40 years ago and incorporated in 1996.

G & K has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, has thousands of satisfied customers, and several glowing reviews on Angie’s list. We have multiple locations in Dane County, Rock County, Jefferson County, Waukesha County, and Milwaukee County. The home office is located at 4663 Baxter Road Cottage Grove, WI 53527

We are well aware that you have hundreds of highly qualified contractors to choose from. We also understand that in order to get you to select our company we have to provide a higher standard of service, such as; skilled craftsmen, quality material, affordable prices, and work performed in a timely manner while maintaining a clean job site.

Our close attention to detail is why G & K Roofing and Remodeling, LLC. has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Why Choose G & K Roofing and Remodeling, LLC.?

  1. Lifetime warranties available = G & K offers the Strongest Warranties on the Market. G & K knows of no other contractor confident enough in his workmanship to offer you a Money Back Guarantee on the workmanship. If you have a problem with workmanship most other contractors will only fix the problem you are experiencing. In the event you did have a problem with workmanship G & K would immediately fix the problem and then reimburse you your money for the workmanship. G & K’s 40-year history is proof you will not have a problem with our workmanship.
  2. A + rating with Better Business Bureau
  3. 5-star rating with Angie’s List
  4. State Contractors Dwelling License – DC-089500087
  5. State Qualifiers License – DCQ-030800019 ongoing educational training required by the State of Wisconsin
  6. Insured both Liability and Workers Compensation
  7. Wholesale pricing on materials
  8. Discounted labor rates
  9. 40 years experience
  10. Family run business
  11. Thousands of satisfied customers
  12. Insurance restoration claims specialists = we work with your insurance company to make sure your insurance company has fully compensated you if you have an insurance claim. Our goal is to avoid you having to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

If you would like a FREE Estimate call G & K using the phone numbers on top of the page or contact us by submitting the FREE Estimate form, located on the tab at the top of the page.

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