If you are in the market for new siding for your home, there are things to consider. After all, you want your money well spent and for your home to have amazing curb appeal. Choosing the right siding is an important decision, but most homeowners only focus on the price and types of vinyl siding, instead of the color and the look it will achieve. So to make this decision a little easier, we have created tips to help you choose the right vinyl siding for your home.

  1. Do not go the trendy route
    You have to remember that your home’s siding is an investment, and if maintained properly, it will last for many years. When choosing the right color, make sure not to follow the trends with what is popular that year. For all you know, it may look outdated in a few years. Stick with neutral colors, and this way you will have more flexibility in terms of decorating and accessorizing the outside of your home, and your home will not look outdated in the years to come.
  2. Consider the style of your home
    Different styles of homes look better with specific colors of siding — for example, a Colonial looks great with classic white, while Tudor homes look best with darker colors. So when choosing between colors of vinyl siding, keep the home’s architecture in mind.
  3. Take the gutters and garage door into consideration
    As we mentioned before, there are plenty of factors that go into the decision of choosing a specific siding color. However, many homeowners forget their gutters and garage door need to be included in the decision as well. If not taken into consideration, they may end up with a look that is not aesthetically pleasing. Certain colors may coordinate with a white garage door and gutters, better than others.
  4. Focus on the resale value
    If resale value is a priority for you, make sure to not only choose a neutral color, but also choose higher quality materials. Keep in mind your siding is a reflection of the interior of the home. Choosing quality materials and regularly maintaining your siding, gives your house a clean appearance, and that of higher value, which will make it much easier to sell.

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