Hail and Storm Damage

Storm damage to your home is hard to detect. If left unchecked storm damage can cause leaks which will cause further damage to your home. If not reported to your insurance company in a timely manner the insurance company may deny your claim.

G & K offers you free advice to help you from unintentionally having your claim denied.

G & K will assist you in negotiating with your insurance company
to insure you receive your full settlement.

No Charge. No signed contract required. No commitment from you. It is FREE!

You will discover FREE is very rare in this industry. Most contractors will tell you the service of negotiating with your insurance company is going to be free right up until they are done checking your home for hail damage. Once these contractors determine you have hail damage, your free negotiations will now require a signed contract which commits you to that contractor that just deceived you when he said the negotiations were free.  That means you are locked into working with that contractor and they will negotiate with your insurance company.  These contractors will promise to get you more money from your insurance company.

These contractors are not lying about this.  Many insurance companies will short you on the amount you receive for our insurance claim. Your insurance company is not intentionally shorting you; it is likely your adjuster did not realize the full scope of the work to be performed. Most insurance companies will suggest you have a contractor review you claim before you settle. Do not cash the check from the insurance company until a contractor has reviewed your claim. Be careful-do not hire a storm chaser to review your claim. Storm chasers will require you to eventually sign a contract to simply negotiate your claim.

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G & K Negotiates Settlements for FREE, Zipp, Notta, Nothing!!
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  • G & K is a local contractor with a 40 year history in Wisconsin
  • G & K has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
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