Roofing Replacement and Repairs

  • The roof is the most important part of your building. After all the Roof protects your entire home.
  • Unfortunately it is hard to detect leaks in a roof. Many times you may have a leak which slowly rots the rafters and plywood under your shingles but may never become apparent inside your home because the moisture is absorbed into your insulation and evaporates leaving no signs of water stain in your ceiling. If you wait until you have water stains in your ceiling, you have probably waited too long for roof repairs. In this case, once you remove your shingles you will now have to pay for additional repairs to the rotted wood below the shingles.
  • To determine when it is time to replace your shingles simply walk out on your front lawn and look up at your roof. Align your eyes with the pitch of the roof. Pretend you are looking down a gun barrel. You need to look at your shingles: are the shingles cupping up or curling down? You do not want the shingles to do either one. You want the shingles to be laying perfectly flat. If your shingles are cupping or curling this means the seal that holds the shingle down and prevents the shingle from blowing off in a wind storm has failed.
  • The above is the first sign that you may need roofing replacement.
  • Other indicators to look for cracks in your shingles or soft spots on the roof. This can be dangerous as you need to be on the roof to perform this inspection.
  • If you are uncomfortable with being on your roof call the roofing contractors at G&K for a FREE Inspection, or contact us by submitting the FREE Estimate form, located on the tab, at the top of the page.
  • Following important details – Must read or may face expensive repair later.
  • When you decide to replace your roof; this is the time to repair any inefficiencies. The diagram below will help you to understand how your venting system works on your roof. Proper venting is crucial to the longevity of your roof. In the summer, the venting will allow cool air into the attic. Cooling the attic will help cool the interior living space and will also help lower your air conditioning bill.
  • In winter your attic will build heat, which will ascend from the rooms below, that heat will melt the snow on the roof. The water created by the melting snow will descend down the roofline until it hits an ice dam at the base of the roof where water will back up. If water backs up by more than 2 inches, it can then enter your home. An ice dam is the build-up of snow and ice above your soffits located at the edge of the roof. The ice dam is a result of no heat below the soffit. Ice dam problems can be detected if your home has icicles hanging from gutters.
    Inexperienced roofing companies will recommend ice shield under your ice dams to prevent the water from coming into your house. This is a BIG mistake! If you have ice dams you are not only building heat in the attic, you are most likely creating condensation as well. Condensation may cause black, dangerous mold in your attic. Additionally, condensation will do more than just rot the wood under the ice dams.
  • Condensation over a 5 year period could rot all the wood in your attic, including your rafters. This negligence resulting from an inexperienced contractor can leave you, the home owner forced into removing and replacing a fairly new roof with the added burden and cost of having to replace all the wood under the shingles. G & K will check your ventilation before installing a new roof. If you have a ventilation problem, G & K will notify you and will assist in resolving the problem.

If you would like a FREE Estimate call G & K, or contact us by submitting the FREE Estimate form, located on the tab, at the top of the page.

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